It is possible to have mountain and outdoor communities achieve zero carbon emissions by 2030 – powered by renewable energy, guided by principles of sustainable development, vocal on climate policy and led by a diverse coalition of community leaders who have made addressing climate change their top priority.

Our Theory of Change

Over two-thirds of U.S. citizens live in jurisdictions with populations under 100,000 (EPA). With that, our mountain and outdoor communities while small in size, can have a disproportionate impact on economy-wide, systemic change.

In order to achieve this, MT2030 is focused on:

Building high-impact solutions-based collaboration amongst all of our mountain and outdoor communities to accelerate action and scale our collective impact.

Empowering communities with actionable tools to build capacity and achieve their ambitious climate goals more aggressively and efficiently.

Achieving alignment amongst diverse community stakeholders, amplifying the voices of bold leaders and creating an inclusive forum for all who are focused on making zero-carbon emissions a community-wide goal

Aligning Diverse Stakeholders

Within each community, various stakeholders often have disparate climate action plans with different approaches and objectives, and some may have been left out of the conversation. MT2030 is keenly aware that inclusion will be instrumental in achieving zero carbon emissions by 2030.

MT2030’s role is to accelerate community-wide action by uniting the diverse stakeholders in our communities around a common, ambitious goal, creating a platform for collaboration, inclusiveness and speed.

Alignment Chart

MT2030 is an invaluable partner for communities like ours, giving us the support and the network to build our climate action plan faster and better than we ever would have been able to otherwise.

Mayor Scott Turnipseed
Town of Eagle, CO