The MT2030 Solutions Project

“If we can build capacity in every mountain community, we can build a movement against climate change”


The Mountain Towns 2030 Solutions Project (MTSP) is a cohort-based program that provides targeted leadership training and real-world expertise to equip every participant with an impactful pathway to carbon neutrality.

The Solutions Project Is Designed To:

  • Facilitate collaboration to help the participating communities overcome their shared challenges and accelerate their climate action planning
  • Connect communities with actionable tools, data, and valuable resources to achieve their ambitious climate goals quicker and more efficiently. Create a toolbox of peer actions, projects, and progress that will make an immediate impact.
  • Build capacity in communities that need additional resources
  • Take the discussion from the intangible to meaningful impact and benefits
  • Build working relationships and establish a network for mountain community colleagues to draw from
  • Facilitate continued collaboration & networking outside of the cohorts

Program Framework:

  • Participating communities join a series of six monthly collaborative work sessions where you will work directly with peers and experts to create an actionable plan that illuminates a pathway for climate action.
  • Each convening gives communities the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues, discuss ideas and best practices, and hear from topical experts, gaining a deeper knowledge of specific climate planning challenges and solutions.
  • The conversation will be supported by an online community platform enabling participants to connect and continue conversations with colleagues as-needed.

MT2030 Deliverables

  • Provide facilitation and structured information for each module
  • Create an impactful plan for each participating organization
  • Curate and moderate an online forum to continually share ideas, best practices and collaborate with colleagues. Additional events will be hosted here as well.
  • Support participants throughout their climate journey. Example: giving a local presentation, helping in collecting and editing strategy, and connecting with peers that have similar areas of focus


January – June 2023

$2,500 per community to offset program management costs.
We want every community to have access to this program, therefore, grants are available as-needed.

The Mountain Towns 2030 Solutions Project Is Generously Supported By:

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Download The 2021 MT2030 Solutions Project Guidebook

The 2021 MT2030 Solutions Project Guidebook is a compilation of the most innovative and effective solutions currently being implemented by the 2021 participating communities. Download it below.

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2021 MT2030 Solutions Project Participants